High Definition Optics Can Work For You

HD Optics

To determine whether you need lenses with HD Optics, let's see if you have ever experienced these situations.

Have You Ever Experienced:

  • Halos or glare on streetlights or headlights
  • Blurriness when watching TV or movies
  • Difficulty trying to follow a presentation in low-light situations

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What is spherical aberration?

Spherical aberration occurs when light rays refract at different angles as they pass through the eye. Even after basic vision conditions like nearsightedness and farsightedness have been corrected, it can remain and impact your quality of vision. Spherical aberration's effects are less noticeable in daylight, but they can cause objects to appear blurry or hazy in low-light situations, too.

HD Optics

What are Bausch + Lomb's High Definition Optics?

Bausch + Lomb’s patented HD Optics are designed to reduce spherical aberration by uniquely focusing light. Even in low light conditions they offer crisp, clear vision as well as these benefits

  • Sharper Detail
  • Enhanced Contrast
  • Reduced Halos and Glare
See HD Optics in action