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People everywhere have been raving about SofLens daily disposables.

  • My 15 year old daughter is the one that uses your SofLens daily disposables. They are perfect for her and she has never had any trouble with them. At her age, I couldn't imagine her having to clean contacts daily! As a mother it brings me comfort to know the daily disposables offer a healthy and easy solution for her eyes! Thank you!

    I love the SofLens daily disposable lenses! Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I no longer have to worry about where I left my glasses , working in the garden or just being active outdoors and I can wear fashionable sun glasses now! thank you!
  • Virtually has removed all eye discomfort brought on by seasonal allergies as well as dust from the work place. My eyes are never dry anymore and I often have to remember if I've even taken them out at bed time. Love them!!!!

    These lenses are a great product – especially if you have dry, itchy eyes during allergy season. It is a pleasure to put on a fresh pair every day.” – Amy F.
  • I would recommend these to people who have trouble with eye allergies. Tossing these out every night sure does make the contact life easier.” – Claiborne H.

    It’s my first time wearing contacts and these were very easy to learn to wear. I like that you can wear them daily and then throw away.” – Rose S.
  • When my doctor gave me SofLens daily disposables to try, I was immediately impressed. I could wear them all day right up until bedtime, and I was definitely hooked. I am a happy camper now that I can see clearly ALL day!” – Cheryl P.
    They are extremely comfortable, and in my opinion, the next best thing to having 20/20 vision.” – Cindy K.
Testimonials Parents
  • These are the lenses my teenage son wears. He gets along very well, even as he is an allergy sufferer. The initial sticker shock for me (Mom) is assuaged because if a lens is lost or torn, I am not waiting on another lens from the doctor, worrying about replacement fees or the money on cleaning supplies.

    It is actually my 9 year old son who is wearing the contacts. For him the disposable lenses are wonderful. I had to wait until I was 16 to get my contacts, I'm so happy that they have advanced the lenses so much, he is able to wear them at 9. It makes playing sports so much easier!!! Thank You!
  • This has been a great option for my daughter because now she doesn't have to worry about caring for or cleaning her lenses each day." - Tracey S.

    My son is very involved with sports and the contacts give him better vision." - Jerry V.
  • I love having no mess and no bottles of solutions on hand. Now, my daughter wears them and goes, then throws them away after her day. Thank you.” – Jessie H.

    SofLens daily disposables are so convenient that even an 11-year-old can handle it!” – Susan H.
  • My child can take care of the lenses on her own. They’re so easy to use.” – Renee C.
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